A perfect day

This is a place where the world comes together and boredom is banished.
How to get the most out of all Forte dei Marmi has to offer
Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte dei Marmi

After a hearty breakfast, you can hop on one of the bikes provided by the hotel and head to the famous "Piazzetta" square of the center of town. If you're not a fan of bikes, a nice 15-minute stroll can bring you to your destination too.


If you love to shop: start your day off with a vast array of luxury choices, including Gucci, Armani, Ermanno Scervino, YSL, Loropiana, D&G, Prada, and Cucinelli (to name just a few labels.) that have a store here. Don't miss out on the many local artisan businesses rooted in tradition. Giovanni del Forte makes custom clogs; Antonio L'Artigiano makes custom suede boots in any color and style. Mauro Volponi — with his four stores — is the "King" of luxury shoes. The Ape Operaia is famous for its swimwear. Kose Rose's straw bags and bicycle baskets — also straw — are absolutely unique and can be customized with lettering or adored with shells, dolls and raffia flowers.


Those who love to get into the melee and head to a bustling market to find a designer piece at a bargain price won't want to miss the chance to check out Piazza Marconi's market on Wednesday mornings. But don't think this is your typical market with trinkets and clothes in random heaps. This market is as chic as Forte dei Marmi, with cashmere, luxury linens and designer clothes and accessories.


A must-go for snacks is Valè's in the Piazzetta, famed for its "schiacciatine" — flavorful mini-focaccia made with coarse salt. Be warned, they're addictive! For a "gourmet" break, try its Parmesan cheeses and selection of salamis, other cheeses and local foods.


Sea and beach: just as exclusive as Forte dei Marmi The beach here is flawless, clean, and combed with a rake daily. Local bathing establishments — called "Bagni" — are impeccably maintained. You can tell them apart by the color of their beach umbrellas, canopies and wooden huts, as well as their clientele. Each has services designed for a specific kind of guest. If you go in for peace and quiet, avoid those frequented by celebrities (and the almost inevitable "paparazzi" trailing them). But if you are intrigued by the idea of rubbing elbows with the famous, you will be sure to have plenty of opportunities here. If you have children and you would like them to find other kids to play with, you can choose one of the spots most popular with families. In any case, our staff will be delighted to suggest the bathing establishment right for you.


Another quintessential feature of Forte's Bagni are the colorful huts reserved for guests. Wooden huts with pitch roofs, their vivid colors have made them irreplaceable icons of Versilia since the 1960s.


Those in charge of these "Bagni" have been running them for generations. They are nightlife trendsetters and know all the vices and virtue of stars. Unlike other spots, here the lounge beds and canopies are spaced far apart. You can pay by day or week. Depending on the level of service and care, the daily price for a canopy ranges from €100 to €350. The crème-de-la-crème offer a "butler service", WiFi, beach towels, soft bath towels, gyms, and day care. Some have magnificent swimming pools where you can have fun with some aqua aerobics. Others have spa cabanas offering massages and beauty treatments right on the beach. All have bar service, and some have excellent restaurants on the sea.


Here are just a few of the many Bagni in Forte dei Marmi: Bagno Annetta is definitely the most lavishly equipped and custom-built. Bagno Pennone is known for the events organized there. For couples, we suggest Orsa Maggiore, which is nice and private with excellent lunches. Bagno Angelo, with its fun park on the beach, is best for families. Piero and America are the Bagni of the European aristocracy. Our guests use Bagno Principle more than others, appreciated for its quiet and its laid-back service.



Happy hour drinks: In Forte, you go to Caffè Giardino or the Almarosa. If you have a car, just a few minutes' drive is Pietrasanta, a small medieval town famed worldwide for its marble work. You can enjoy an outdoor drink here at one of the many spots around the Cathedral.


If you are worn out and want to come back from your day at the beach early, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm is Tea Time at Villa Roma Imperiale, with a buffet of sweets, cookies, sandwiches with butter, jams and an excellent selection of tea.



We are on Tuscany's north coast but have magnificent mountains behind us. This means that while seafood dominates Forte's cuisine and tradition, you can also enjoy delicious "land-based" dishes.


In Forte dei Marmi, let's start off with two Michelin-starred restaurants: Lorenzo and Bistrot. Lorenzo (€€€€), traditional, elegant, here for over 30 years, a genuine institution in the town's center. Bistrot (€€€€), a trendy restaurant, on the waterfront, serves superb cuisine on an outdoor terrace. If you like to eat on the beach, there are two options: L'Orsa Maggiore (€€€), always a sure bet for good food, and Gilda (€€) on Vittoria Apuana, which is slightly out of the way, but the five minutes more it takes to get there will be repaid in excellent food. On the pier, you will find two options aimed at different clientele. I Fratellini's (€€) is a Miami-style restaurant that serves delicious seafood, sushi and sashimi. The more traditional Osteria del Mare serves excellent fish as well as pizza. Another restaurant sure to please is the elegant Franco Mare (€€€), where you can dine by the pool not far from the sea. If you want to stay in the center and dine in one of the town's charming side streets, we suggest the Trattoria Tre Stelle.


In Pietrasanta, try Enoteca Marcucci (€€€), famous for the more than 2,500 wines on its list or Filippo (€€), with a family atmosphere and traditional dishes with a modern twist.


In Viareggio we recommend two restaurants with Michelin stars. Il Piccolo Principe (€€€€) is on the scenic terrace of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte and Da Romano (€€€€) is by the station.



La Capannina is Forte dei Marmi's most famed, history-rich nightclub; since 1929, all of the world's jet set has passed its threshold. Legend has it that this is the birthplace of the Negroni cocktail. This "true blue" club keeps up with the tastes of its younger clientele while offering live music events for an older crowd too.


The Twiga Club in Marina di Pietrasanta is an ultra-exclusive, very trendy club, which draws in celebrities from around the world. By day, relax under its beach canopies and in the late afternoon, enjoy a drink at the Sunset Beach Bar. It has dining and dancing on the beach.


On the beachfront is another legendary club is Seven Apples, especially popular with the young set.


In Cinquale, the fashionable night spot is the Beach Club where - as its name suggests - you can dance right on the beach.


At dawn, your perfect day and night in Forte ends with a pastry and cappuccino at Anacleto's or warm cream with berries at Orlando's.