Visit the Marble Quarries

Carrara marble quarries
In a Land Rover on a hunt for "white gold"
Villa Roma Imperiale - Forte dei Marmi

The mountains behind Forte dei Marmi are white year round, but not with constant snow, but because this is where the famous white marble of Carrara comes from. Versilia's leading craft business is marble, and its quintessential "factory" is Pietrasanta where you can have a guided tour of many workshops.


The main business in Stazzema is marble extraction. An experience not to be missed: a tour of the marble quarries in a Land Rover. Duration: 3-4 hours. Visit the quarries — the gigantic monuments piercing the mountains with their pure whiteness — and learn how Michelangelo chose and extracted blocks of marble. The tour then climbs up the mountain roads where you will find peerless views of beauty.